Digital specialists and next generation sports viewing experts will be deep diving into a key trend which has been rippling through the M&E industry: how personalised fan engagement can generate revenue, as part of the IBC2023 Accelerator Innovation Programme.

One of eight projects, Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experience, aims to demonstrate that additional ROI can be achieved through personalising viewer engagement from live interactive experience streaming, for all events – including large to small scale sporting coverage. 

Real Time Interactive Streaming

Real Time Interactive Streaming

While linear broadcasts convert to streaming, revenues are being lost. The team, chosen by a panel of judges at IBC’s Accelerator Kickstart Day, will experiment with efficient and trailblazing approaches to solve this challenge that continues to warrant exploration and representation across the world of content.  

The multi-company team consists of Champions: Alumni Basketball League (ABL), Verizon Business, and Unity Technologies; and Participants: Red5Pro, Snipitz, AMD, Osprey, and 

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Mark Smith, IBC’s Innovation Co-Lead said of the project: “This project points to the future of personalised fan engagement for live sports, events and entertainment, where fans are literally the director of their own experiences with multi view options and so much more.  It also brings into play coverage of many more niche leagues with broadcast quality capabilities.” 

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Real Time Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experience challenges the status quo of sports viewing and will attempt to create a next generation experience with real time interactivity.  

The project will also trial creating and enabling of new revenue streams for content providers who bought expensive and premium content rights licenses. 

Other project objectives include: 

  • Providing coverage for niche leagues (“the long tail”) with broadcast quality capability 

  • Monetising new interactive use cases like betting, watch party, fan wall, gamification 

  • Enabling new revenue share models between content providers and 3rd party screen experiences. 

Catch the RealTime Interactive Streaming Personalises Live Experiences project, showcasing its PoC and findings at IBC2023, Monday 18 September, from 10:45-11:45 at the Innovation Stage

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