The VisionXS series is expanding at IBC with a range of new KVM variants.

Designed to be utilised in applications where space is a critical factor, every module in the series comes in a compact and space-saving design, with new slide-in mounting solutions which eliminate the need for extensive screwing.

Guntermann & Drunck-2

The VisionXS range features slide-in mounting solutions for easy mounting

The VisionXS-DP-HR variants offer two display port connectors to enable seamless multi-monitor applications. With this enhancement, users can operate up to two monitors simultaneously, reducing cabling and the need for additional hardware by making use of a single transmission port. The new feature not only enhances ergonomics but also provides greater flexibility in various work environments.

Further expansion of the VisionXS-IP portfolio introduces variants that support Power-over-Ethernet, enabling a device to be powered through the transmission port itself. Using both the main power supply and the network cable, the extender offers redundant power sources to protect against potential failures. This ensures maximum operational safety and reliability, particularly during continuous operation scenarios.

Stand Number: 8.B91

Company: Guntermann & Drunck