The DMG 7000 internet distribution gateway from Sencore now fully supports the reliable internet streaming protocol (RIST), offering such features as link bonding and seamless switching. The UDP-based transport technology is intended to provide advanced streaming performance in unreliable or lossy networks, such as the public internet.

Utilising the latest software-based platform from Sencore, the DMG 7000 is focused on providing a gateway between broadcast MPEG/IP networks and internet-based distribution protocols.


The DMG 700 enables low-cost distribution workflows using protocols like RIST

With the DMG 7000 now supporting RIST technology, the internet distribution gateway offers seamless switching using SMPTE-2022-7 and bonding of multiple links for load sharing. It also offers RIST receive and transmit, simple and main profile, unicast and multicast support, packet retransmission via RTCP, full datagram and reduced overhead tunnelling modes, and encryption and authentication.

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The DMG 7000 can be deployed on COTS hardware in a variety of form factors, from mini-PCs to 1RU rack mount servers, and virtual environments such as AWS or Google Cloud.

Sencore claims the system enables low-cost distribution workflows, is able to bridge between managed and unmanaged networks and can reduce OPEX and CAPEX of backhaul or backup networks.

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