Long-Term Media Asset Preservation

IMES_Long-Term Media Asset Preservation

How is long-term media asset preservation being changed by cloud technologies? This white paper explains the challenges and opportunities.

The ongoing growth of cloud computing continues to challenge the role of legacy solutions and services in almost every industry, with long-term preservation use cases across the Media and Entertainment landscape among those now firmly on a pathway of digital transformation. From performance and cost to security and reliability, cloud-based services are set to compete with existing preservation technologies across every key investment criterion.

The challenge for Media and Entertainment organizations and professionals, however, is how to design and implement a cloud computing long-term asset preservation strategy that meets their technical and financial needs. How, for example, can they assess where cloud-based services can or should fit into a hybrid strategy? Where and when is it appropriate to outsource, what content assets should remain on-premises, and for how long?

Despite these questions, many Media and Entertainment organizations agree that they are on a journey to the cloud but that most technology solutions need to advance further to deliver against their requirements. This white paper examines the issues at play and how long-term media asset preservation is changing for the better.

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