Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin said RÚV, Iceland’s public broadcaster, has chosen to deploy the Bitmovin Player and Analytics to improve the viewing experience for its audience.

Bitmovin noted that RÚV is one of the most visited websites in Iceland, with 88% of Icelanders consuming RÚV content every week. Prior to working with Bitmovin, RÚV’s video streaming workflows were built and managed in-house, but it needed a quicker and more efficient way to deliver a seamless viewing experience to its audience on an ever-growing number of devices and platforms.


Bragi Reynisson, CTO, RÚV

Bragi Reynisson, CTO at RÚV, said: “We chose the Bitmovin Player for its flexibility and broad device compatibility and Bitmovin Analytics for its real-time granular data that help optimise each stream. We can’t wait to see the positive impact of Bitmovin’s solutions on our operational efficiency and viewer satisfaction.”

RÚV’ will also use Bitmovin Analytics with the Bitmovin Player. Bitmovin Analytics reports any playback issues so they can be fixed before they impact the viewer and also offers benchmarks across different performance metrics to gain industry insights.

The Bitmovin Player and Analytics work with the Flutter Software Development Kit (SDK). The company said this will help RÚV’s development team build more modern and intuitive mobile applications for Android and iOS.