Three new NDI|HX 120fps cameras are set to be introduced by Aida Imaging: the PTZ-NDI3-X20, HD-NDI3-120 and HD-NDI3-IP67. Each camera features a 1/2.8in Sony CMOS sensor, which can capture up to 1080p 120fps on both NDI|HX and HDMI at the same time (except the Ethernet-only HD-NDI3-IP67). This makes the camera useful for fast motion production that requires live replays on the spot via Ethernet or HDMI.

The cameras can also stream on NDI’s new protocol, HX 3, which delivers comparable streaming quality to that of full-bandwidth NDI, without the hardware.

Aida Imaging-1

Aida’s new HD-NDI3-IP67, PTZ-NDI3-X20 and HD-NDI3-120 120fps cameras

The PTZ-NDI3-X20 has a 20x optical zoom and will also feature auto tracking, which will allow the camera to automatically follow the talent. The camera is PoE+ capable. Users just plug in one wire for power, control and video.

The HD-NDI3-120 features a smaller PoV form factor for discreet placement, making it a useful live-replay camera for sports arenas, concerts, or theatres. The HD-NDI3-IP67 takes that same level of production, but with an IP67 rating, allowing it to be taken outdoors and withstand harsher environments, making it suitable for outdoor sports, machine vision, or academic research.

Stand Number: 12.H78

Company: Aida Imaging