Digital technology services company TO THE NEW was officially recognised as an accredited third-party development partner by Roku.

TO THE NEW said the new partnership further strengthens its portfolio of collaborations with leading players in the over-the-top (OTT) platform development and engineering industry. Over the past six years, TO THE NEW has designed and launched over 100 Roku apps and has also deployed Roku TV apps across diverse market segments, including entertainment, TV commerce, IoT, sports, news, lifestyle, and travel.


Manish Sinha, TO THE NEW

Manish Sinha, vice president and business head, media & entertainment at TO THE NEW, said: “With our extensive experience in Roku app development and deep understanding of the Roku ecosystem, we have the capability to create high-performance, innovative apps that enhance the viewing experience and drive tangible business value for our clients. Our cross-platform development expertise empowers media companies to embrace connected experiences and digital ubiquity swiftly, giving them a competitive advantage in capturing viewer attention. We remain committed to expanding our platform capabilities, enabling media companies to embrace change and foster innovation with agility and precision.”

Roku devices are found in households worldwide, serving as a primary source for streaming content from various providers.